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Check out our new location at
866 S state st, Greenfield, IN 46140


Condition Red Tactical is a Woman Veteran-owned business. We serve the Greenfield, Indiana community.  We believe every law-abiding person who wants to own a gun, should be able to do so.  Therefore, we sell firearms, accessories, and other items at affordable prices. We also offer a 90-day layaway program for the purchase of firearms.  



Condition Red Tactical is about being mentally and physically ready to deal with the immediate danger of your surroundings. In today's society, nothing could be more paramount. Not long ago looters and rioting filled the streets. That alone should have put people at Condition Orange regardless of where they traveled. At Condition Red Tactical, we support the second amendment, hunters, and sport shooters, and anyone who wants to defend their property from someone who would try to take it from them. 


Condition Red Tactical is proud to carry a wide selection of merchandise. We are a Smith and Wesson and Glock stocking dealer. We also carry other brands such as Taurus, Canik, Ruger and many other popular brands. You will find a wide selection of weapons and accessories as we have partnered with Brad Hyde at Revolver Tactical. We stock Hoosier Warrior Coffee  - A central Indiana Combat Veteran-owned coffee company that locally roasts gourmet coffee. Our newest addition is Retro Rifle shirts, which we have a variety to choose from. Whether you are looking for knives, rifles, handguns, attire or gourmet coffee, we have you covered! 

Retro Rifle

Retro Rifle Shirts

Hoosier Warrior Coffee

Hoosier Warrior Coffee


We use an electronic background check system that streamlines the process of purchasing firearms and helps eliminate errors. When coming to the store, make sure to bring a valid Indiana Driver/Operator License AND make sure the address on the license is CURRENT. The ATF responses range from quick (instant) to the requirement of a 5-day waiting period. 

To help with the purchase of a firearm, we have a 90 Day Layaway available.  To view our Layaway Policy click here


Transfer of ownership can be completed on-premises.  We charge $25 per 4473. In addition, a transfer requires the same process as buying a new firearm.  See the Firearm Purchase Process section for more details. 


Condition Red Tactical offers gunsmithing services for AR-15, Rifles, Handguns, and other militaria.   To view our pricing click here

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